Highly experimental, I’ve played in orchestras, jazz and rock bands, composing for myself along the way. Here are some recent electronic pinwheels that have dribbled out of my alter-idgo (Babula McCray) – these tracks are all made from GarageBand on my iPhone while sitting in the backseats of speeding cars under the influence of dramamine:

Some tracks are tinnitus masks, which are time consuming, but necessary. Sometimes they start there, but an anti-allergine from an innocent passerby will drop a melody and/or beat into the mix. And vice-versa.

My ultimate goal is to get a classical opus that I wrote in college, called “Fanasaur,” played, but it is a 130 piece arrangement that would requre a real orchestra. It may be better left in my head, but I will post the score here:

My hard influences: Mozart, Led Zeppelin, Muse, but I enjoy all music, recently QOTSA and obscure jazz