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Smagnolian Riptitude

To be published in Fall 2019 // It is 2631 and Martie Crenshaw’s preserved brain has been transferred to a robotic vulture, programmed to steal from outdoor tribes for those living comfortably inside a climate-controlled mega-structure. Hilarity and hijinks ensue as her and a tech-savvy village ‘idiot’ conspire to save themselves, as well as the […]

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Rings of Glaridon

Published 2017   It is 2137 and Zephyr Strabane lives in a nearly singular world, with physically implanted communication devices now being mandatory, and music performed by humans is illegal. He tells us first hand of his journeys while confronting the changing forces in the physical and virtual worlds, as well as from the edge […]

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Information = water Speaking metaphorically, information providing institutions (IPIs) have become all-you-can-drink water stops. Wether it is packaged in a plastic bottle, mass-fed through a public aqueduct, or ingested intravenously through an IV, it is all there regardless if you are just thirsty or being forced to drink an assignment. And you don’t even have […]

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Visual World

The radius and the cube The joker and the thief of “virtual” 2-d screen society, the radius and the cube, have set the bar for what is expected on our immediate display devices. We can obviously go outside this realm to see the crystallographic dander of triangulated nature, but the current aesthetic of the day […]

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