The Screen – July 10, 2022, 7:43AM EST

The Source

This Image was taken from my Apple iPhone XR, rear camera -26mm f1, on 7/10/22, from the stairwell leading up to our 2nd floor.

Facing North, the shadow and light play on our neighbor’s south exterior, oversees our [typical tiny Pittsburgh-designed for the 1920’s Model-T car] driveway below.

The Method

Watercolor, dry brushed through screen onto coldpress 400lb Stratmore watercolor paper, is ‘painted,’ despite any notions of monoprint, screenprint, etc.. The barcode is ‘painted’ on with black Japanese ink, using a Sumi brush.

The Reconsiliation

QR Code – Random, didn;t feel like designing one. There is so much to appreciate about the randomnesst of July 10 2022. The QR barcode was create on January 22, 2023, using the free Adobe Express webpage (after resetting my password)

I guess I’m feeling as if rhere is a closing of some sort of loop: from a single moment in time; an obsession with celestial light/shadow play; and the notion of public display. When I first saw this view I just new that I was going to fucking paint it. The Unlike oter photo-to-phone is like a quickie sketchbook – capturing moment without the responsibility of actual effort.

Unlike other quickie-photo-to-painted surface attempts, this is probably over 50% from NOT refering to the source photo.

Each brick shares color with the other, painting over the screen-perforated ridges. I love painting bricks, with their alternating horizontal placement. Another invredible disovery was that I able to relive the joy of dot-painting in pre-colored

To make art is an act of fiction, with the process of creating it becoming the reality. The irony in reconsiling this with the closed-loop notion of immediate inspiration to corny showcase is in the randomness of a set of single independant moments.

Other things that [may] have happened on or around 7:43am EST on July 10, 2022:

I hope I successfully conveyed this fantastical light-play