I’ve been painting my whole life. Notable people that have encouraged me to continue to paint as a grown-up were from my undergraduate studies at UNI: the greats frje Echeverria and Shirley Haupt. After landing in NYC for grad studies at Pratt I crossed paths with the likes of Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, but was mostly influeneced by what I saw in galleries and museums. Having to work in a library to eat while finishing my MFA, I was lucky to land a job at MoMA, where I could lurk in the halls and see textures in different lights. From there I landed a job the National Gallery of Art in DC, where I drifted between the Wings, taking notes, for later in life, like now…

Current: Librarian at Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), Webmaster for http://african-diaspora-press.com/ (2002 – )

Author: Rings of Glaridon (2017)

Formerly: Librarian at Bethany College, Yale University, University of Pittsburgh, Pratt Institute, Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Art and Getty Research Institute

US Patent: Media presentation system controlled by voice to text commands (2000)

Attended: Pratt Institute (MS-LIS, 1997), Pratt Institute (MFA-Painting, 1991), University of Northern Iowa (BFA-Painting, 1982), Waldorf College, East High Waterloo, Logan Jr. High, Lincoln Elementary and Helen Lemme Elementary in Iowa City

Taught: Community College of Allegheny College, Pratt Institute, Waldorf College

Exhibited: Various Galleries (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Pratt Institute (MFA), NEA Grant Show (DC), National Gallery of Art (staff show), Bat Studio (BFA), Waldorf College (Alumni)

Working knowledge of various ILS Systems: Koha, Innovative (Millennium), Voyager, Sirsi~Dynix, Endeavor; MARC, XML, HTML, FTP, CSS, PHP, JS, JQuery and SQL;

in process of learning DOM and Python