Information = water

Speaking metaphorically, information providing institutions (IPIs) have become all-you-can-drink water stops.

Whether it is packaged in a plastic bottle, mass-fed through a public aqueduct, or ingested intravenously through an IV, it is all there regardless if you are just thirsty or being forced to drink an assignment.

And you don’t even have to be there to drink it: you just need access to the proper pipeline.

You can, however, step outside of the institution and visit a river or sea, but you will get sick if you drink the water.

Or purchase from a store, but the frappachino-flavored water will leave you wanting for more.

But even the IPI doesn’t come cheap. The plastic bottle vendors, aqueduct managers, IV administrators, pipeline providers, rain catchers and distillers all need to be paid.

The rain catchers and distillers can be outsourced, but that still comes with a cost not to mention loss of control of local resources.

Come to think of it, there really isn’t a need for the IPI at all, but then we would all perish due to contamination.

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