Visual World

The radius and the cube

The joker and the thief of “virtual” 2-d screen society, the radius and the cube, have set the bar for what is expected on our immediate display devices.

We can obviously go outside this realm to see the crystallographic dander of triangulated nature, but the current aesthetic of the day is an irresistible icing that compliments a contrived cake batter.

And these 2 elements will forever be bastardized by unnecessary upgrades and redesigns, but we are forever stuck with these 2, in whatever shape or form they may be imitating.

The beauty of this is its ability to continually conquer the challenge the limitation of symmetry.

The sadness is that it will never be art.



Thoughts from visiting a  beautiful island/country – an amalgamation of 3 general views:

1-ancient, traditional, spiritual patterns

2-ribbed sheet metal and bamboo facades disguising valuable property

and the glue that binds:

3-inner vortexed fast forward retro fashion